Monday, March 14, 2011

Yellow Cabs New York Taxi of the Future - New York wants the Turks-Taxi Karsan

The next step in New York's search for the taxi of the future is made​​. Now, the residents voted on a final three designs. Her favorite is the Turkish manufacturer Karsan.

When it comes to the people of New York, the taxis for the city in 2014 to be built in Bursa (Turkey). The V1 model of the manufacturer Karsan has prevailed in a local referendum on the competitors from Nissan and Ford. About 22,500 New Yorkers voted off, 15,000 of them voted for the V1. The cab has a panoramic roof and large windows, two ramps and plenty of space for luggage. The passengers sit facing each other. In addition to the gasoline engine in the rear bumper and gas, hybrid and electric drives are possible. For 52 percent of New York a more environmentally-friendly drive their taxis is particularly important. A decision on the "Taxi of Tomorrow" is the city in April 2011.

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