Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan, car problems video

Many automakers have their headquarters in Japan such as Toyota, the Honda, the parent of Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries and Nissan, and the earthquake that will surely affect their activities of both the car manufacturers and suppliers but also the millions Officials working in the factories.

Biggest fear is what will happen with the surrender of parts and vehicles from Japan (representing 17% of industrial output in Japan) and will affect several factories around the world, particularly those of America.

So far Toyota has shut two assembly plants and two parts factories while Nissan announced yesterday that stops the operation of factories 5. And in both cases is not known how long the plants will be closed.

With regard to a factory Honda engine, transmission and research and development center has been damaged and talk for 2 dead and 30 wounded from the walls fell. Also 2 factories stopped operating

Finally, the parent company of Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries, closed down all the factories (5 in number) related to the production of cars and parts north of Tokyo.

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