Thursday, March 10, 2011

VW Bulli: Bus legend returns in miniature and Microbus - Details

The new edition of the legendary VW bus with a length of 3.99 meters 30 centimeters shorter than the model from the 1950s. The width is 1.75 m, height 1.70 meters. Striking are the relatively large width of the vehicle track widths of 1.50 meters respectively. As once the Samba-Bus, also takes presented in Geneva Bulli, a two-tone painting, in this case white and red horizontal interpreted the narrow twin headlights with an L-shaped LED daytime running lights and the "inverted" as L mounted LED turn signals. The middle of the 18-inch alloy wheels is a stylized, chrome hubcap.

In contrast to the former Bulli is new, of course not driven by a Beetle engine. This task is performed by a 85 kilowatt electric motor. He is from the state a maximum torque of 270 Newton meters available. Behind the skirts hidden in the sandwich floor lithium-ion battery in the 1450 kg heavy Bulli. It stores 40 kilowatt hours of energy, which should last for 300 miles. At a special "power pump" is intended to charge the owner of the Bulli in less than an hour. Via a rotary switch of the forward and the reverse gear is selected, a button in the switch, the engine is started. In 11.5 seconds, the new Bulli accelerates to 100, with 140 km / h electronically limited. VW points out that even conventional gasoline and diesel direct injection engines are part of the concept. This engine would between one and 1.4 liters in question.

In the center console of the Bulli a removable Apple iPad serves as a multifunctional touch screen. This can be controlled hands-free and the navigation system. Integrated into the iPad bracket are the controls of the air conditioner and the hazard warning switch. In front of the driver, the speedometer as a semi-circle with a multi-function display that is communicated via the iPad. In terms of sound provides a system of legendary U.S. guitar manufacturer Fender amp and for rich sound.

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