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2010 Lucra LC470

Following up on the impressive debut of the LC470, the design team re-examined every part of the car to refine and improve the design wherever possible. Over 50 years of racecar building experience, coupled with the latest computer-aided design technology, went into the LC470. The Lucra LC470 boasts incredible performance and drivability in a street-legal lightweight sports car. ??Performance is aided by the powder-coated, seamless, 4" drawn-over-mandrel steel tube used in chassis construction, which contributes to the great power-to-weight ratio and helps the car to a 9-second quarter mile at 149 mph. Okay, a 9-second car isn't for everyone, but the base model 375hp LC470 (the most modest of our performers) delivers a 3.4 second 0-60, and a 11.6-second quarter mile at 129 mph.

The LC470 delivers a figure-eight time quicker than the Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.�
-Motor Trend

揅hassis and steering responses are superb, making the car intuitively easy to place in any curve.�
-Car & Driver

揙wning one will help remind you of why you go to work in the first place.�
-Sports Car International

Carbon fiber body, aluminum suspension, 1971 lb weight, and tons of horsepower don't mean much if the car doesn't hold the road. Weight distribution is ideal at 53% rear and 47% front, giving the car forgiving handling characteristics and incredible traction. With its low enter of gravity, the LC470 digs into turns without the need for anti-roll bars. Aluminum racing seats and four-point harnesses keep you fully secure as the LC470 pulls up to 1.4 g's in corners on street tires. The Tremec TKO600 RR transmission was chosen, and gear ratios carefully selected, to match the vehicle's power and weight. With a 3.07:1 final drive ratio, a fuel injected aluminum V8 straight stock motor with 375hp takes you from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds in first gear, and has a top speed over 180mph.

Integral to the performance of the LC470 is perfection in steering and suspension geometry. All bump steer and scrub were eliminated from the LC470 for a stable platform with no undesirable characteristics at high speeds. Easily adjustable front and rear suspension on the LC470 allow for precise tuning of caster, camber and toe.

The best of everything is used throughout the car; from the Smiths gauges down to the F/911 aircraft grade bolts used throughout the LC470. Rated to a strength of 180,000 psi, the hardened alloy steel is extremely strong, providing longer wear life for both the bolts and the parts they anchor. High pressure aircraft-grade A/N stainless steel lines are used for all fuel, cooling, and brake systems. Elegant custom-fabricated, ceramic-coated, tuned headers and side pipes are standard on the LC470. The ceramic coating provides cooler operating temperatures, and the recess in the body keeps the exhaust out of the way.

old-world styling of the exterior.
Finding a performance car thats usable for taller drivers is rare. The Lucra LC470 has a respectable amount of space for driver and passenger. Driver position is fully reconfigurable to optimize balance and driving comfort regardless of the driver's height. To provide a custom fit, both the driver's seat and the Tilton 3-pedal assembly (with front/rear brake control) are adjustable, to bring the controls to the driver. Available space is another unique aspect of the LC470. The cockpit accommodates taller drivers (6'5"+), and the trunk easily holds two sets of golf clubs and luggage..

---- Specifications ----






5.7 liter LS6 V8


1971 lbs






400 hp




70.2 hp per liter

1/4 mile

11.6 seconds @ 129 mph

0-60 mph

3.4 seconds

Top Speed

over 180 mph

Source:Lucra via seriouswheels

Family Ties: Audi Owner Rebadges TT Coupe as a Volkswagen


At a first glance, few would guess that the first generation Audi TT shares a platform, engine and most of its mechanics with parent company Volkswagen's Golf as well as the VW Jetta, New Beetle, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia etc., etc.




more detail. ...

TVR rolling chassis from Carmel Motorsports

Just a week ago, the rumor was spread that new TVRs will be coming to the U.S. and that they'll cook their tires with U.S. engines – but you'll probably have to wait until this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed to get the details. Now we've been told that you can buy remanufactured versions of the Tuscan, Sagaris, and T350, and you don't have to wait at all!

These old-as-new TVRs are being sold as rolling chassis, the same way you would buy a Superformance or Rossion, and have otherwise been made to comply with U.S. DOT laws. They're available through Carmel Motorsports in Indianapolis, and all you'll need to do after a phone call and a cash transfer is show up with an engine or a trailer.

We don't know where the supply of cars is coming from, however. The "official" TVR isn't building cars; these are coming from a company called Total Vehicle Remanufacturing. TVR, get it? We don't know anything about them, but hey, one call to Carmel can answer all your questions if you decide you're ready for the raw rear-wheel-drive power of what used to be Blackpool's finest.

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Family Ties: Audi Owner Rebadges TT Coupe as a Volkswagen

At a first glance, few would guess that the first generation Audi TT shares a platform, engine and most of its mechanics with parent company Volkswagen's Golf as well as the VW Jetta, New Beetle, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia etc., etc.

Call it down right honesty, call it stupid, you know, call it whatever, but the owner of this 2000 model year Audi TT Coupe, which is up for sale on eBay, had no problem at all replacing Ingolstadt's four-ring logos with the VW badge. He even went as far as adding a couple of VW emblems on the seats.

"I just added Volkswagen logos around to make it look different, since they are the same company," said the eBay with a sincerity that could do with a good a dose of self-irony. More pics for your enjoyment after the jump.

Kudos to Marcus for the tip! , Link: eBay

2010 Citroen DS3 Racing Car Limited Edition

Citroen plans to unveil a limited edition of the Citroen DS3 next month at the Geneva Motor Show. The Citroen DS3 Racing is a suped up version of the company's luxe supermini. While only 1000 units will be built, Citroen Australia General Manager, Miles Williams said that local availability for the special DS3 Racing will be announced when the regular DS3 launches in August.
2010 Citroen DS3 Racing Car Limited Edition
“The Citroen DS3 Racing represents an outstanding concentration of behind-the-wheel thrills with an artful blend of performance and efficiency. The DS3 Racing provides a clear indication of what we can expect when the DS3 arrives in Australia in August.” Mr Williams said.
2010 Citroen DS3 Racing Car Limited Edition
Developed by Citroën Racing - the winning team behind five WRC manufacturer's titles and six driver's titles for Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena - Citroën DS3 Racing is a special edition with a 100% sporting pedigree. Planned for the second half of 2010, the exclusive Citroën DS3 Racing will be limited to just 1000 production units.
2010 Citroen DS3 Racing Car Limited Edition
As such, the car's output has been bumped up by 30% to 200 PS (147 kW / 197 hp) using the turbocharged 1.6-liter THP engine. Torque is improved by 15% to 275 Nm (203 lb-ft). These changes were achieved by remapping the engine control unit, adjusting the turbo, and adjusting powertrain components.
2010 Citroen DS3 Racing Car Limited Edition
Meanwhile, stiffer suspension springs and new shock absorbers are also installed. The car has been lowered by 15mm, while both the front and rear track were widened by 30mm. Along with the new tires wrapped around the 18-inch wheels, the changes "all dramatically change the driving dynamics," according to a press release.
2010 Citroen DS3 Racing Car Limited Edition
To handle the extra power, the company installed four-piston caliper brakes up front and ventillated discs in back. Carbon-fiber touches are used on the new air diffuser, front bumper, lower body, and wing extensions. Chrome is also used at certain points, like the door handles and exhaust, with orange tint on the calipers, grille, roof, side mirror caps, and wheels. Inside, designers added carbon trim and orange inserts. Purposeful sport seats were also installed.
A Citroën DS3 Racing signature on the rear tailgate and an individually numbered identification plate fixed to the roof-lining further confirm the model's exclusivity.
2010 Citroen DS3 Racing Car Limited Edition
At 3.94-meters long, the grey and orange car will be shown in Geneva with checkered flaq and DS3 Racing graphics. Based on the existing DSport powered by the THP 150, production Citroën DS3 Racing editions will be finished in a special workshop and fitted with a parts kit developed according to Citroën Racing specifications. Only 1000 units of the Citroen DS3 Racing will be produced. The car will be released in the second half of 2010.

I.DE.A Sofia, a sports supercar concept at Genava 2010

I.DE.A Sofia
I.DE.A Sofia
Berlin-hybrid four-seat coupe

I.DE.A Institute at the Geneva Motor Show will present a prototype of a hybrid sports car.
The first sketches published to suggest that the Sofia, so we will call the concept, will be a four-door sedan-coupe.
The workshop will show the Turin Motor Show this seductive car, revealing the details next week.