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Mazda Announces Biggest Domestic Recall: Over 280.000 Demios & Verisas Affected

In what looks to be one of Mazda’s biggest domestic vehicle recalls, the Japanese car manufacture announced that 287,987 Demio and Verisa models produced between June 2002 and July 2006 are to be recalled due to defect clutch systems and coil springs in suspensions. According to Mazda spokeswoman Aya Takahashi, this is the firm’s largest domestic recall since data started being monitored in 1994. Mazda previous "record" was for 162,405 vehicles in March 2004. Additionally, apart from the 287,987 Demios & Verisas sold in Japan, another 25,559 Demios sold in overseas markets as Mazda2 were are also affected. From these 20,850 went to Australia, 1,166 to New Zealand, 1,147 to Singapore and 262 to Hong Kong. Via: detnews

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Google Maps Street View: Here’s How They Did It

I’m sure most of you will have heard about Google Maps newest feature dubbed Street View. However, if you haven’t, concisely, the feature that is available for select cities allows you to view street-level panoramic photography as you browse around a map location –call it a virtual tour right behind your PC. It’s really cool and we’ve spent many hours mucking around with it –we still haven’t discovered any household nudity scenes though…

But seriously now, from what we learnt, to make Street View happen Google licensed data from companies like Immersive Media and others along with doing some work of their own. In the case of Immersive Media, the tech company uses a bunch of VW Beetles equipped with a roof mounted, high-definition camera. The camera head is one unified camera system made up of 11 lenses and sensors configured according to a dodecahedron. The 11 video streams build up maximum resolution using over 100 million pixels per second. Via: Motorpassion , Source: Immersivemedia

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The Ride of the mini

The Ride, originally uploaded by Siggi Churchill.

Need a good car insurance

D7CLTB4972WGA.jpg, originally uploaded by Walter G. Arce.

Silver Ferrari

GJR_20070531_9759, originally uploaded by Graham Rose.

Monster truck - Bigfoot

IMG_9460, originally uploaded by Ben_Nelson.

German Woman Mistakes Subway Stairs For Underground Car Park!

A 52-year-old woman in Dusseldorf, Germany, stunned commuters at the Nordstrasse subway station when she drove her Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet right into the entrance as she accidentally mistook it for an underground car park. In all her stupidity and recklessness, the 52-year-old was extremely lucky not to hurt anyone -at least not this time... Via: BBC

BMW X5 M Sport Package Released For 2008 Model

Available for the first time in the X5, BMW’s M Package prime objective is to give the Bavarian luxury SUV a sportier look. If you’re accustomed to other BMW M Sport Pack’s like the one in the latest 3-Series for example, this one won’t quite live up to your expectations -at least in terms of exterior appearance.

See, basically, what BMW calls an M Sport Pack in the X5 is body colored moldings and smoked light-clusters combined with 19-inch or 20-inch rims. Of course you also get a pack of other goodies like M leather steering wheel & gear knob, aluminum accents and sport seats inside as well as a sport suspension set up, but what’s an M Sport Package if it looks like you took it over to Joey’s place and painted it? There’s no English press release for the time being but we’ll add it as soon as the Bavarian’s discover that we don’t all talk German. -Continued: Click “Read More…” below for a high-res gallery along with the price list


  • BMW X5 3.0si: €6.350 / $8.521
  • BMW X5 3.0d: €6.350 / $8.521
  • BMW X5 4.8i: 4.840 / $6.495

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ΜΙΝΙ "Roof Designer": Create Your Customized Roof And Order Your MINI Online

MINI has expanded its roof-decal options through the launch of a new tool on its web-site that allows you to put your own personal stamp on your MINI – by creating a customised roof. Until now, apart from the two-tone versions, if you wanted to add a little personal touch to your MINI you could only choose through a variety of pre-made decals. We visited MINI’s newly launched “Roof Designer” site and took a shot at it -a quick and completely unsuccessful try as you can see from the screen image (…).

Admittedly, it’s easy; you pick a version with/without a sunroof, choose the body and roof colour and then you’re taken to the drawing board. There, apart from choosing between a heap of graphics and backgrounds you can also write or draw something on your MINI’s roof. Once finished you can either order your customized MINI or add it to the community gallery. If our translation of the German only press release is correct, while everyone can design and upload their customized MINI on the community gallery, orders are available only in Italy for the time being. Germany will follow in June, Austria in the third quarter of the year, with further countries being added to the list at a latter date. Link: Mini site

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Autodelta Alfa Romeo 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super: Updated Version With 422Hp

Just as we thought Autodelta was going to chill out after the presentation of the 405Hp Alfa GT Super a couple of weeks ago, Alfa’s UK based partner announced that it’s updating the 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super with a more powerful version of the 3.7-litre supercharged V6. The car’s maximum power is up to 422 bhp at 7,000 rpm (from 400Hp ) and torque improved to 520 Nm.

Autodelta hasn’t given out any official performance figures yet, but just to get an idea, the current 400Hp 147 GTA AM Super has a top speed in excess of 180 mph (288 km/h) and 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) time of 4.8 seconds. We’ll have more on Autodelta’s 147 GT AM Super after its official presentation at the Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix circuit in Belgium this coming weekend (2-3 June). -Full Press release and high-res gallery after the jump

Via: , Source: Autodelta

Autodelta to present 422 bhp 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super at SpaItalia this weekend

Autodelta is pleased to announce that it will be present with a comprehensive line up of its high-performance bespoke Alfa Romeo models at SpaItalia this coming weekend (2-3 June) at the famous Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix circuit in Belgium. Attending this edition of SpaItalia is made even more special, this year Autodelta is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the leading engineering centre for developing the ultimate road-going Alfa Romeo high-performance cars.

Leading out the exclusive Autodelta model range at SpaItalia will be a first official showing for our most powerful interpretation of the Alfa 147 GTA theme yet: the 422 bhp Autodelta 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super. This new version further builds on the impressive upgrades we have already made to the Alfa V6 engine: capacity increased to 3,750cc, a remapped management system, and a Ferrari-derived throttle body, coupled to the fitting of a Rotrex C38-81 supercharger delivering 0.75 bar of boost; now all taken to a new even higher level - bringing the car’s maximum power up to 422 bhp at 7,000 rpm (standard Alfa 147 GTA power is 250bhp at 6,200 rpm) and torque improved to 520 Nm.

Autodelta created its first 3.7-litre supercharged Alfa 147 GTA conversion exactly two years ago, the car making its preview appearance on the inaugural ‘Autodelta European Tour’ of 2005. The arrival of this dramatic package, which initially had 400 bhp, created much attention and it was requested by a number of customers.

To perfect this package fully and develop a highly dynamic chassis capable of delivering all this performance and still offer optimum day-to-day driveability, our engineering team has embarked on an intensive development programme over the last six months that has also seen our test cars in track action conducting extensive R&D programmes of major race circuits including Donington Park, Silverstone and the Nürburgring. Additional work has been carried out on the Alfa V6 engine’s cylinder head, block and internals as we have perfected this package, while the upgraded suspension features new spring rates from the dedicated coilovers and revised suspension components, as well as new anti-roll bar, and wheel geometry, adjustments. Autodelta’s own in-house developed limited slip differential is an integral part. The bespoke package includes a new aerodynamic rear under wing.

We are now very pleased to introduce this full option, the Autodelta 147 GTA AM (‘Autodelta Maggiore’) 3.7 Super, as an official package available for immediate ordering. The car will be presented at SpaItalia this coming weekend and will be demonstrated on the famous 6.976-km Grand Prix circuit on both Saturday and Sunday by our test driver.

To complement the debut of the 422 bhp 3.7 litre version at the Spa circuit, which nestles in the glorious undulating hills of the Belgian Ardennes forest, we will present the 341 bhp Autodelta 147 GTA AM 3.2 Super. Also present at SpaItalia will be our most exciting new model introduction of the last year and a car that ushered in a new era at Autodelta, the 341 bhp Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C. Previewed last summer in Monte Carlo and commercialised in February 2007 this high-performance bespoke car has created impressive worldwide demand already. Completing our current model range will be the 400bhp Autodelta 156 GTA AM 3.7 Super.

Jano Djelalian says: “SpaItalia is always an excellent event and we are especially looking forward to attending this year’s edition. We’re delighted to bring our full model range and in particular to present our most extreme project yet, the 422 bhp version of the Autodelta 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super. We always are keen to show our cars in the conditions they are designed for, so putting this car on track at Spa is the perfect official introduction.”

SpaItalia – now in its sixth edition – has quickly grown to become one of Europe’s leading Italian car extravaganzas. With the distinct ‘track’ element central to the two-day programme, the event showcases a glittering array of Italian machinery. It takes place on the evocative Spa-Francorchamps circuit. First opened in 1921, this is one of the world’s fastest and most demanding circuits, and a real test of driver ability. This year the ‘Featured Marque’ at SpaItalia is Maserati poignant as the Trident brand is celebrating the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Juan-Manuel Fangio’s F1 World Championship title claimed at the wheel of the legendary 250F. A highlight of the event will be the presence of Maria Teresa de Filippis the first woman to drive in an F1 Grand Prix and a lady who is synonymous with Maserati. The 2007 SpaItalia event is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 2 & 3.

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Audi A1: MINI Sized Audi Confirmed, To Be Produced In Brussels Plant From 2009

Normally, the title should have been, "Audi takes control of former VW Brussels plant saving it from closure". However, since we have a never-ending love affair with the small print we concentrated on the part of Audi’s press release that confirms the production of the A1: “With the plant currently undergoing restructuring, the production volume of Audi Brussels will be around 84,000 vehicles this year. From the end of 2009, the Audi A1 will be built exclusively in Brussels.”

The A1 will succeed the ill-fated, aluminum A2, competing against rival MINI Cooper and the forthcoming Alfa Romeo Junior in the premium mini sector. To keep the development and construct costs low, the A1 will have a steel body using the VW Polo / Skoda Fabia / Seat Ibiza platform. While its quite early to say something about the engine-range, we suspect that Audi will equip the A1 with 1.4TSI (122 and 140Hp) and 1.8 TSFI (170Hp) petrol engines (the later probably with an S1 badge) along with a 2.0TDI available in 140 and 170Hp versions. What is that we hear you asking; RS1 with a 200Hp 2.0TFSI? Could be… -Press Release on Audi’s Brussels plant after the jump

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Press Release: Brussels now part of the Audi family:

Audi takes over management responsibility at Brussels plant

Ceremony with Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt

New production capacity for further growth

Start of Audi A3 production with 30,000 cars a year

Production of Audi A1 from end of 2009

Audi Brussels to become important hub within Group

The Audi success story continues: following today’s ceremony at Audi Brussels, the Audi family now has a new member. With a workforce of around 2,200, the Brussels plant is to be integrated into the Audi production network. “We are putting the plant into good and safe hands,” said Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AUDI AG. For Audi, the new plant is one of the requirements for achieving its strategic goal of building 1.5 million cars a year by 2015. Moreover, the production “turntable” between Ingolstadt and Brussels will open up the possibility for further increasing flexibility between the two plants.

In the presence of the Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand K. Piëch, the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, the Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, Rupert Stadler, together with the Supervisory Board and the management of AUDI BRUSSELS S.A./N.V., the starting signal was given for the production of the Audi A3 Sportback and the “Four Rings” of Audi were symbolically unveiled. Three Audi A3 models in the colours of the Belgian flag – black, yellow and red – were presented on stage. The event’s guests of honour and speakers included Dr. Horst Neumann, Board Member for Human Resources and Director of Personnel at Volkswagen AG, Michael Riffel, Secretary-General of the European and World Group Works Council of Volkswagen AG, other representatives of the Volkswagen and Audi Boards of Management, the Audi Works Council and representatives of Belgian trade unions and politicians, including Members of the European Parliament.

With the plant currently undergoing restructuring, the production volume of Audi Brussels will be around 84,000 vehicles this year. From the end of 2009, the Audi A1 will be built exclusively in Brussels. “We are delighted to be able to add to our capacity in the Group thanks to the Brussels plant and a motivated team. We want to develop Audi Brussels into a benchmark within the Volkswagen Group with regard to production processes and productivity,” explains Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler.

Today’s assumption of management responsibility for the Brussels plant will also see the introduction of the successful Audi Production System. Continuous improvement processes, for example, which will permanently increase the economic efficiency of the plant, can be set in motion. “The Brussels plant is on the way up again. We can rely on the workforce’s outstanding qualifications,” explained Dr. Werner Widuckel, Board Member for Human Resources at AUDI AG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Audi Brussels.

The framework conditions for a new collective agreement are laid down in a letter of intent, which was signed by the company management of AUDI AG and the Belgian trade unions on 12th March in Ingolstadt. Along with a 20 percent reduction in labour costs by 2009, these include a guarantee of jobs until 2010, flexible working hours on the basis of working time accounts, an income guarantee, a share in company profits, innovative work organisation, a more attractive workplace, through preventative health management for example, and training for the workforce. Widuckel: “The agreement is valid without any qualification, and will be implemented in every respect."

Negotiations for the collective agreement should be completed by the end of June. More than 76 percent of the workforce already voted in favour of the procedure in a referendum in March. “A clear verdict,” according to Alfons Dintner, spokesman of the Audi Brussels management. “The Brussels plant is determined to emerge from the restructuring process stronger and with a secure future ahead of it.” A further advantage is that Audi has already built the Audi A3 successfully at the Brussels plant between autumn 2004 and the end of 2005 and is therefore “best equipped for the new Audi era,” says Dintner.

Peter Mosch, Chairman of the General Works Council of AUDI AG, also sees the agreement as promising: “We are looking to the future in a positive frame of mind. The General Works Council and Audi’s employees are confident of rising to the forthcoming challenges. We know and have respect for our new colleagues in Brussels. Together, we now aim to continue to take Audi forward and achieve the targets we are striving for: growth and job security.”

The Brussels plant fits perfectly into Audi’s turntable concept. Producing volume models in two locations – such as the Audi A3 Sportback in Ingolstadt and Brussels – enables the company to respond flexibly to fluctuations in demand. This ensures a constant level of capacity utilisation at the plants and enables jobs to be protected in the long term. “Following complete restructuring, this production plant will have the potential to play a leading role in the car industry,” says Audi Board Member for Production, Frank Dreves.

In the 2006 financial year, Audi achieved record figures for production, vehicle sales, revenue and profit before tax. This trend continued in the first third of 2007. Worldwide vehicle sales rose by 9.4 percent to 332,900 units in the period January to April. Audi recently published a quarterly report on its revenue and profit for the first time. Compared with the same quarter of last year, the sales revenue of the Audi Group increased by 13.4 percent to EUR 8,679 (7,654) million. The operating result rose from EUR 350 to 401 million, an increase of 14.6 percent.

Mazda2 - Demio: 2008 JDM Version Gets New Naturally-Aspirated 1.3-liter Miller-cycle Engine

Rotar powered engines isn’t the only abandoned by others technology that Mazda continues to invest in. The Japanese firm also believes in the Miller-cycle tech developing a brand-new, naturally aspirated MZR 1.3-liter Miller-cycle engine for the 2008 Demio (known as the Mazda2 in overseas markets) when it goes on sale in Japan in July 2007. According to Mazda, the Miller-cycle engine powered Demio will be combined the firm’s first continuously variable transmission (CVT), achieving an avg. fuel consumption figure of 4.3 liters/100 -54.7 mpg (US). That’s a 20% improvement over the 5.2 liters/100 km - 45.2 mpg rating of the current model. As you can see in the press release that follows, Mazda hasn’t given out any power or performance figures.

But what exactly is a Miller-cycle engine? First of all, the name for the Miller-cycle engine was invented by an American engineer, Ralph Miller who patented his version of the forced induction Otto-cycle petrol engine in the 1940s. A traditional Otto cycle petrol engine uses four "strokes", of which two can be considered "high power" – the compression stroke (high power consumption) and power stroke (high power production). In the Miller cycle, the intake valve is left open longer than it would be in an Otto cycle engine. In effect, the compression stroke is two discrete cycles: the initial portion when the intake valve is open and final portion when the intake valve is closed. -Continued: Click “Read More…” below

This two-stage intake stroke creates the so called "fifth" cycle that the Miller cycle introduces. As the piston initially moves upwards in what is traditionally the compression stroke, the charge is partially expelled back out the still-open intake valve. Typically this loss of charge air would result in a loss of power. However, in the Miller cycle, this is compensated for by the use of a supercharger. The supercharger typically will need to be of the positive displacement type due its ability to produce boost at relatively low engine speeds. Otherwise, low-rpm torque will suffer. That does raise a few questions on the Demio’s naturally aspirated 1.3-liter Miller-cycle engine doesn’t it? (Miller-cycle engine info via: Wikipedia)

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PRESS RELEASE: Mazda Develops New Naturally-Aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle Engine

- The new MZR 1.3L engine powers the all-new Mazda Demio to achieve a fuel economy of 23.0 km/L and qualify for Japan's Green Tax exemptions -

HIROSHIMA, JapanMazda Motor Corporation has developed a new, naturally aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle engine, which will power the all-new Demio (known as the all-new Mazda2 in overseas markets) when it goes on sale in Japan in July 2007. In combination with Mazda’s first continuously variable transmission (CVT), the engine will assist the new Demio to achieve a 10-15 mode fuel economy of 23.0 km/L, an improvement of approximately 20 percent over the 19.2 km/L rating of the current model.

Newly developed from the current MZR 1.3L DOHC aluminum engine, the naturally-aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle engine employs delayed closing of the intake valves in order to reduce pumping losses and improve thermal efficiency through a higher expansion ratio. Intake valve timing is optimized by the Sequential Valve Timing System to provide improved fuel efficiency over the current MZR 1.3L engine when cruising and accelerating. In conjunction with the CVT, which transfers torque at low speeds without power loss and eliminates gear-shift shock, the setup achieves excellent fuel efficiency as well as a smooth and exhilarating ride.

In addition to this new, highly efficient powertrain, the all-new Demio has been made approximately 100 kg lighter than its predecessor through weight reduction techniques, which have resulted in nimble handling and significantly improved fuel economy.

The Demio model with the naturally aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle engine combined with the CVT transmission achieves a fuel economy that is rated as 20 percent or better than the level specified by Japan’s 2010 fuel economy standards. Exhaust emissions are also at least 75 percent lower than 2005 standards, which conforms to Japan’s Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (SU-LEV) standard and qualifies the Demio for Green Tax exemptions.

Through its Sustainable Zoom-Zoom plan that was announced in March 2007, Mazda declared its intention to pursue the harmony felt between driving pleasure and environmental and safety features, and its quest for an advanced Zoom-Zoom world. This includes the ongoing desire to create captivating design, to provide our customers with continual driving pleasure and to develop improved safety and environmental technologies.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ford Focus Coupe 2009

Here’s an interesting proposition for the next generation Ford Focus; a coupe look for the 3door version. But wait, hasn’t Ford already done this? Well, maybe in the US with the redesigned 2008 US Focus, but not in Europe. US Focus similarities aside, we kinda dig Infomotori’s idea (but not the execution), for a coupe-like replacement for the third generation Focus 3d hatch. Although Infomotori suggests that the new Focus is due for a 2008 presentation, we doubt that Ford will change a model four years after its initial debut (2004 Paris Show). Keep in mind that the previous Focus stayed in production for 6 years, so a 2009/2010 date sounds more reasonable to us. Via: Infomotori

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VW Golf "Night Driving": VW's Darkly Beautiful TV Spot

Without doubt, one of the best TV ads we’ve seen. Amazing how ad agency DBB London, managed to create a car advert that stimulated our “driving emotions” without actually showing much of the VW Golf. The dark city scenery is combined with Richard Burton's ominous radio delivery of Dylan Thomas’s play, “Under Milk Wood” which perfectly accentuates directors Noam Murro's breathtaking VW Golf spot. Just makes you want to stay awake till “all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping” and take your car for a ride, doesn’t it… Via:

"And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now.

Hush, the babies are sleeping, the farmers, the fishers, the tradesmen and pensioners, cobbler, schoolteacher, postman and publican, the undertaker and the fancy woman, drunkard, dressmaker, preacher, policeman, the webfoot cocklewomen and the tidy wives.

Young girls lie bedded soft or glide in their dreams, with rings and trousseaux, bridesmaided by glow-worms down the aisles of the organplaying wood.... You can hear the dew falling, and the hushed town breathing.

Only your eyes are unclosed to see the black and folded town fast, and slow, asleep..."

"Under Milk Wood", 1954 by Dylan Thomas

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WRC - Loeb vs water

Loeb nel guado, originally uploaded by Svetj.

Jimmie Levis Signature Car

What do you have there?

DSC01256.JPG, originally uploaded by Descolada.

2008 Renault Laguna III Scooped

Approximately five days (June 4, 2007) before Renault lifts the cover off its 2008 Laguna Sedan (5door) and Station Wagon and we discovered the first unmasked pictures of both versions. As expected, no surprises in terms of the Laguna’s exterior design, which isn’t much of a departure from the current version’s appearance. The only completely new thing we’re seeing here is the Laguna’s front end that’s inspired from the 2006 Paris Show Nepta Concept. Judging from these photos, we’d say Renault had better have some aces hidden under that lacklustre appearance if it seriously wants to lure customers away from rival models like the VW Passat and Ford Mondeo. For the interior pics along with the initial press release click here -Continued: Click "Read More.." for the 2008 Laguna Sedan image

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Ford X-MAX -or- How Ford’s Getting Ready To Mess Up Its Iosis-X Concept

Wow, check out that cool concept”. How many times have you said those words? Obviously as many times as, “how did the hell did they manage to …uck it up”, once you saw the production version. And from the looks of things, that’s going to be the case with the production version of Ford’s 2006 Pa
ris Show study, the Iosis-X that’ll aim at rivals like the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Before you say that’s just a rendering from Autoexpress (left pic)), check out the camouflaged image of Ford’s upcoming compact crossover caught by Autozeitung (right pic). Compare the CGI with the actual spy pic and you’ll discover that Autoexpress folks did an impressively accurate job. Compare both with the Iosis-X concept and you’ll see a lost chance from Ford’s behalf. -Continued: Click "Read More..." below

Key phrase here is “retaining the Iosis-X’s design cues”. Remember that cause you’re definitely going be hearing a lot of it when the X-MAX or whatever its name’s is, goes on sale in 2008. Letdown aesthetics aside, the X-MAX (well call it X-MAX for the sake of the conversation) will be loosely based on the Ford Focus/ Volvo S40-V50/ Mazda3 platform and it will be most probably be offered in 2WD and 4WD versions. The latter will use Volvo’s simpler 4wheel-drive system rather than the complex 4WD system from the more expensive Freelander 2. While Autoexpress claims that it’ll be fitted with the same engine range as the current Focus, inside tipsters have told us it’ll feature a new array of motors
that’ll also equip the facelifted Focus (premier in Frankfurt this September).

Pics Via: Autoexpress & Autozeitung

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Mazda MX-5 /Miata Based BMW Z9 Convertible Replica!

Long time, no see… Of course we’re referring to the absence of replicas from Carscoop the past few days but we guess the "Miata Z9" more than compensates. Found on eBay, this “one of a kind vehicle” as its seller describes it, is an 1994 Mazda MX-5 / Miata cross dressed (with a bit of imagination) as a BMW Z9 Convertible; a concept first seen at the 2000 Paris Show… and quickly forgotten by BMW fans.

Despite the bimmer engine cover, the Miata Z9 retains the factory 1.8-litre motor. Talking about fake parts, the Side exhausts are also just for looks. The seller’s original plan though was to connect the side exhausts but this has not been completed. The current asking price on eBay is $1.500. Since this is an unfinished project, if by chance, anyone of our readers acquires the “Bangled-up” Miata X9 car and completes it, please, please send us some pics! -Click "Read More…" for a detailed Image-gallery along with the vehicle's description

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Vehicle Description

TITLE: Z9 Replica Kit Car Concept

This is a rare opportunity to get a one of a kind vehicle. Bid now before it’s gone!

You are looking at a one of a kind vehicle. This is a replica of a “2000 Convertible Concept Car” GERMAN inspired vehicle that never made it to production. This car gets compliments every time someone sees it.

Construction: The car is constructed out of fiberglass and aluminum, but mainly fiberglass. This unique car is built on a 1994 Mazda Miata Chassis with a CLEAR TITLE. The kit was purchased from ExoticRebodies in 2001.

Drive Train: The engine is the factory 1.8 Liter 16 valve Dual Over Head Cam. The engine runs good and uses Mobile 1 synthetic oil. There is a custom engine cover that is mounted on the motor. The 5 speed manual transmission shifts smoothly. This car has about 155,000 miles on the chassis and drive train. There is has a custom Engine cover mounted on the motor.

This vehicle comes with the 18" Konig rims. Functionality: This car has power windows Cold A/C All lights are working. The trunk works and opens wide. Both doors open. The hood opens wide for easy maintenance. 4 wheel disk brakes.

A lot of work was done to make sure that all the body lines were straight. Check out the door, hood and trunk gaps.

All pictures are recent and were taken a few days ago.

WORK THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: Body work needs to be completed. (Some parts on the car are still rough.) The car needs a paint job. Convertible top needs to be repaired. Power windows need to be greased. (They work, but move a little slow). All emblems. Needs Side Mirrors. Door window moldings need replacement. Glove box handle needs to be replaced.

What you see in the pictures is what you get. We are not trying to scam anyone, this is a project car. We encourage you to come and take a look at this vehicle before bidding. This vehicle is located in Jacksonville, FLORIDA.

Via: ebay