Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yamaha jog 3KG

Yamaha jog 3KG
so simple yamaha
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ImageHost.orgKYMCO KIWI 100, look the great style isn't it, with red painted. it is a beautiful Kymco
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yamaha-srx250 Blue

yamaha-srx250 Blue.
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Yamaha Mio Vino Retro style

Yamaha Mio vino Fino Retro style, yes i call it retro style, just like another retro classic, this mio is like Vespa or Piaggiot,i believe all of retro mania will love the style.which color do you lke
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Modifikasi Mesin Yamaha Mio

we Now have new article about Modifikasi mesin Yamaha Mio, The reasources coming from my friends and he want to share with us,he we are.the name is mio spek harian with 2006 year
you can bore up 58,5 then
-klep 28/24
-karbu PWL 26
-noken as 280 deg. make the simple exhaust system with easy flow knalpot 
-big pulley LHK
-gear ratio 14/40
-per CVT LHK 2000 rpm
-CDI BRT dual band
aftre modification the compression began   16:1 

the we use bahan bakar pertamax plus mio
-busi autolite jupiter
-koil kawasaki AR 125 ori jpn
-velg nouvo 16"

top speed after modificationwe have jarak 600 m speednya mentok 140/jam
my friend also has new one . here are
spek motor gw :
blok : eon 58,5 keramik
klep : 28/24
pen stroke: naik 2 mm
stang piston : titanium LHK 3,5 mm
camshaft: LHK 330  R10
karbu : sp 28
pulley : kitaco
ratio : 14/41 di pelek 14
kampas kopling : pantekan america
per cvt : LHK 2000 rpm
roller : 10 rata
belt :standart
knalpot : Dbs
Cdi : Brt hyperband
kompresi : 18:1
bahan bakar :pertamax plus
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Gambar Mio Modifikasi Kontes

Here we come with new picture of Yamaha Mio Modifikasi, The New Trend Of modication Is Trend ekor Kolibri on Mio Like the picture here. .So who is behind the Kolibri trend Mio ? yeach  he is A man who wins Paddocks siswo winoto, he is the master of wins paddocks

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Update: 2009 Toyota Avensis High-Res Photo

Toyota Avensis Sedan 2009As we told you last Friday, Toyota will perform the global debut of its new D-Segment sedan, the 2009 Avensis on 2 October at the Paris International Motor show. The new Avensis is the third generation of the model to be built at Toyota’s Burnaston plant in Derbyshire, UK. The Japanese automaker has yet to reveal any specific information on its new European sedan, but Toyota did say that the 2009 Avensis will features a new range of engines that are both more powerful and emit less CO2. The new Avensis is due to go sale in Europe in January 2009, with full details and pricing to be announced later in the year. -Continued

Hyundai Recalling 65,000 Elantras in the States

Hyundai Elantra MY2008 RecallHyundai is planning to recall 65,000 MY’08 Elantra models with 2.0 liter beta engines in the Unites Stated. According to NHTSA, the fuel pump motor in these models may not have the proper uniform internal electrical surface contact which cause it to produce less pumping pressure than required to supply the fuel injection system. Hyundai said that this could result to poor engine starting, hesitation and other performance issues. The Korean automaker said that its dealers will replace the fuel pump subassembly free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in the States during September 2008.

Kicherer Mercedes-Benz C 320CDi 4-Matic Estate

Kicherer Mercedes C-ClassGerman tuning firm has Kicherer has presented its latest creation based on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate and in particular on the 320 CDI 4 Matic model, On the outside, Kicherer added an AMG bodykit which is further enhanced by the lowered suspension and the new 19-inch RS-1 alloy wheels wrapped around in performance tires. Inside the Germans added a new speedometer, a leather/wood steering wheel and a two-tone leather trim that also covers the dashboard. -Continued

Under the hood, Kicherer performed a series of upgrades on the 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine which now develops an output of 265 HP and 600Nm of torque, up from 224 HP and 510Nm respectively. According to Kicherer, the tuned C 320CDi 4-Matic Estate can now go from standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.7 seconds.

Via: Worldcarfans , Source: Kicherer

benzs-Kicherer get to Work on Mercedes C-Class 320 CDI 4Matic

As always the engineers headed straight to the front of the car and dug deep under the hood, a modest improvement is made on the power generated from the 3.0-liter V6 engine with a figure of 265hp and 600Nm of torque – up from 224hp and 510Nm. The upgrade allows the model to shoot from 0-100km/h in less than 6.7 seconds.

The exterior look comes courtesy of an AMG bodykit and Kicherer further enhance the ride experience with a ride-lowering suspension kit and a set of forged 19inch RS-1 wheels. Kicherer finish the package off with mild interior enhancements that include a two-tone leather upholstery, a Kicherer speedometer and a leather/wood steering wheel.

The busybodies at Kicherer have released details on their latest tuning package, this time the modifications and upgrades are awarded to the Mercedes C-Class Estate and more specifically the 320 CDI 4 Matic model.
More Photos

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Paris Motor Show:BMW X1 Concept and 7-series Hybrid

Its the end of August the Sun begins to vanish from our skies and everyone returns back to work to show off their newly tanned look. Not a great time of year for your average folk, but in the automotive world its great – it signals the start of the motor show season. First up is the Paris Motor Show and following a report by Insideline, we are going to see a fantastic showing from BMW.

First to arrive on the scene will be the concept version of the BMW X1 SAV which basically means we are going to see the styling of the full production model as we did with the X6 and M3. We will also see an ActiveHybrid version of the newly revealed 7-Series make an appearance.

In late November, BMW will continue with its product strategy with the unveiling of the all-new BMW Z4, both the coupe and convertible body styles are likely to make an appearance.
Not much is know about the X1, we have spotted what is believed to be a prototype for the model on a number of occasions but it has always kept its camouflage on. What we do know is the current BMW 1-series will provide the underpinnings for the new model as well as lend a number of its award winning engines.

Source:World Car Fans

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

9ff GT9 in Details

Breaking the 400 km/h (249mph) barrier is no simple task and Porsche specialist tuner, 9ff, from Papenburg Germany have done so with honour. However, despite celebrated claims of breaking the world-record for road-going vehicles at 409 km/h, our research tells us this ain't so.

Regardless, after a couple years of GT9 coverage, 9ff has finally revealed all of the sumptuous technical details, production and pricing of its 400 km/h projectile.

Starting with its powerplant, the 996 Turbo sourced motor has been bored out to 4.0-liters which includes reworked turbos, dry sump oil lubrication system, titanium connecting rods, forged pistons and a 24 carat hard gold plated induction plate. The result is 987 PS / 726 kW at 7,850 rpm. The maximum torque of 964 Nm is reached at 5,970 rpm. Transmission is race prepared sequential unit.

The suspension is electronically adjustable aluminium shock absorbers in connection with double spring rate McPherson front axle and horizontal push-rods at the 5-link rear axle. Brakes disks are ceramic sandwiched by front 6- and rear 4-piston calipers. Special brake pads and an individually engineered race-ABS complete the system.

Lastly, the body is a Frankenstein of sorts, taking the front end of the Porsche GT3 model with a tubular steel-grid and developed a chassis made of very strong yet lightweight carbon and Kevlar fibre.
Vital to reaching speeds over 400 km/h, the under-body casing integrates a wind diffuser which generates additional downforce and stability at high speeds. Additionally, the low height of only 1,180 mm presents an increased aerodynamic profile while giving striking exotic look.

9ff will produce only 20 units of the GT9 for the price of 498,000 Euros.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 goes to 584hp, by IMSA

The Lamborghini LP540-4 was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, it is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine and as the name suggest pumps out 560 ponies and features a 4WD Viscous Traction system. This is the sort of package that puts the it's big brother Murciélago under a lot of pressure to come out with something even more spectacular and Lambo tuning specialists IMSA are hardly doing it any favours.

IMSA have introduced a new sports exhaust system to the model which adds an even stronger melody to the engine and brings total power output to 584hp. The exterior modifications include a new set of lightweight alloys and sports suspension kit along with an aerodynamic enhancing carbon fibre rear wing.

Groovy Slot Car Creation

Slot Car Track VolksWagen PoloNow you may wonder why one or in this case, two people would go into all that trouble to build an unwieldy two-piece slot car race track in the… rear end of two Volkswagen Polos. True, it’s stupendously absurd to put so much work into a detailed creation in the back of your car, but on the other hand, that’s what makes it so damn cool; building something like this just for kicks! Follow the jump for a close-up photo of the slot car race track. -Continued

Slot Car Track VW PoloVia: Cardomain , Source: Volksforum

Video: Kia Forte’s Design Explained by Peter Schreyer

Everyone has their own opinion on the Forte’s design but let's hear what the man behind the subcompact sedan’s styling, Kia’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, has to say about the Korean carmaker’s latest creation. Schreyer moved to Kia in 2006 after working for more than a decade at Audi and VW. The German designer is best known for his work in Audi and chiefly for establishing the Bauhaus-inspired styling which is still evident in Audi’s line-up. Among the cars he is credited with are the previous generation Audi TT and the Volkswagen Concept-R roadster. Watch the video after the jump and tell us what you think. -Continued

GM recalls the fire risk 857,735 vehicles

DETROIT - General Motors Corp. is recalling 857,735 vehicles equipped with a heated windshield wiper fluid system for a potential short-circuit problem, according to federal safety regulators.

A short-circuit in the system may cause other electrical features to malfunction, create an odor or cause smoke, increasing the risk of a fire, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on its Web site.

The recall involves the 2007-2008 model year Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, Avalanche and Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV and Escalade EXT, GMC Acadia, Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL and Saturn Outlook; 2006-2008 Hummer H2, Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne; and the 2008 Buick Enclave.Read All

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New Aston Martin One-77

The contour of the car as well as all the details like the shape of the windows, the mirrors, the muscular rear fenders and the stretched out front fenders were clear from Aston Martin’s preview.especially in the eyes of designer Jon Sibal who has created this new rendering of the model, you may also remember Jon for the superb rendering published here on WCF of the Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster.

The huge vents in the front bumper is something new from Aston Martin also. This vent is aligned with the vents on the side panels which spans across the front fenders all the way to the the door which replaced the relatively tiny front fender trademark vents found in the previous models.

Details about the model were left very much to the rumour mill, it is believed that the power will come from a hand-built 7.0 liter V12 engine which will be housed nicely inside a chassis made of aluminium and carbon fiber.
Source: John Sibal

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