Saturday, January 31, 2009

eBay Find of the Day: Sole remaining 1995 Ford Thunderbird SVT prototype

It might not be the very first production Thunderbird ever made, but it is a pretty special T-Bird nonetheless, and it is up for auction, not at Barrett-Jackson, but rather on eBay Motors. Item number 190283235126 is a rare, 1 of 4, 1995 Ford Thunderbird SVT Concept prototype.

The description tells us that the other three were crushed by the Blue Oval, making this the sole survivor. What makes this SVT concept special is the engine. It features a turbocharged 4.8L V8 instead of the supercharged V6 that went into the production Thunderbird SC. Black with a gray leather interior, it appears to have aged well, with nearly 70,000 miles on the clock.

The car has been with one owner for the past ten years and was featured in Makes & Models Magazine in 2005. Unfortunately, it has a few non-stock "upgrades," including a racing fuel cell and a fiberglass hood with an airbrushed bird on the underside. Check out the gallery and click over if you feel its worth at least the $30,000 starting price.
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Event Alert: February Calendar of Automotive Events

Thanks to your suggestions, we added a Google Calendar after the jump so you can bookmark it and constantly receive updates as we add them. We appreciate all of your input and hope you find our calendar a useful tool. We also appreciate your comments listing events we might have overlooked or that are just near-and-dear to your hearts. Event cancellation notices are also greatly appreciated.

Highlights for February include the Chicago Auto Show, which we will be covering obsessively from McCormick Place; the kickoff of the NASCAR and NHRA seasons with the Daytona 500 and the Winternationals, respectively; and the RetroMobile show in Paris. There's plenty of other fun stuff scheduled all over the country and indeed around the world.

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Bee Four revives BRM brand, reveals in-wheel motor source

It's been announced that the electric race car we were telling you about from Bee Automobiles Ltd will now contend for the British Speed Hill Climb Championship in 2010 as the BRM Bee Four ERV.

This revives the BRM (British Racing Motors) brand that was born 60 years ago and has a rich and proud history. This also delays the original plan by a year, but should give them the necessary time to introduce a car that is fully tested and ready to win. There is hope that we'll see it before then as it is rumored that it may make some cameos at events this year.
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Fiat Jolly old Styles and New Style Panda

Sweety Cars Fiat Jolly Old Styles

Last Style Fiat Jolly Panda

The Panda Jolly is destined to perform an exclusive service of courtesy, transporting all VIP tourists who visit the island of Capri to their destinations. Suspended between sea and sky in the gulf of Naples, Capri has been synonymous for centuries as a classy tourist haven with perfect weather conditions, and is therefore the ideal scene for the new Fiat concept car.

For wheelchair users Kenguru Car

* Environmentally friendly – completely GREEN car delivering long awaited mobility solution for wheelchair users
* Driven directly from a wheelchair – access is via the rear-opening tailgate and steering is by motorbike style handlebar (joystick option will be available in time)
Your own wheelchair is secured within the car by an interlocking device
* The current design allows parking rear end to the pavement for easy access and it is an ideal solution to drivers who only undertake journeys to local shops and services
* Because of its weight the Kenguru is classified as a scooter and therefore only a scooter driver’s licence is required to drive Kenguru

* Designed by a Hungarian Company specialising in development of aids for the handicapped people since 1915
* Max. speed 30 miles per hour
* Max. distance on a single charge 30 miles
* Weight 290 kilograms without batteries
* Dimensions: Length 2150 mm
* Widths: 1550 mm with mirrors
* Height: 1470 mm

Toyota MR2

Ooh arty, originally uploaded by GIANTDOG.

Mini Cooper graphic

inmotion, originally uploaded by fresh pOPcOrn-.

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Ford Focus RS Video

The Focus RS is a serious performance machine, all indications point towards this. But on this video a more somber, normal Focus RS shows itself proving that there's more to this spicy lime hatch than mere numbers.

Pushing the car forward is a 6-speed manual gearbox that helps the RS reach the 100km/h target in second gear. For certain engine frequencies a ‘sound symposer' is used to transfer certain pleasing sounds the car makes as it goes along into the cabin. Those bonnet louvers are there to help with idle cooling especially after heavy runs on a track so they aren't just there for aggressive looks.

For the longest time Ford wasn't even breathing a word related to the Focus RS. Then suddenly a flood of information came through, including confirmation that the RS would make a return after a six year hiatus. When details burst out, few really believed that the RS was to be driven through the front wheels, given its power figures of 300bhp (224kW) and 440Nm of torque from a 2.5-litre turbo.

After all, front-wheel-driven cars with slightly less power than the RS are known to have excessive torque steer. Nevertheless Ford had an answer to that in a hi-tech system called RevoKnuckle, a specially design steering knuckle containing two ball bearing sets which help compensate for torque steer. Additionally an LSD is fitted for extra traction.

via:World Car Fans

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Shadow Sport Design's Tasty Nissan GT-R Aero Kit

If you have been following us for a while now here at Carscoop you must know that we don't care much about excessive tuning proposals that stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons. But that is not the case with Japan's Shadow Sport Design and it's aerodynamic kit for the (R35) Nissan GT-R that is complemented by a set of 20-inch forged magnesium wheels finished in black created in conjuction with Enkei. Shadow Sport Design's dry carbon aero package includes a front underspoiler, a rear wing and a rear diffuser that incorporates the new tailpipes of the full titanium muffler.

With this package the GT-R looks different enough from the standard car to grab your attention but in a way that you could easily have mistaken it as a proposal that came straight out of Nissan's factory.

Source: Shadow Sport Design , Via: GT-R Blog


White Classical Limousine

Modified Fire Limousine

Perfect inside Limousine

Toyota Bloggers Break Through 500 Miles with iQ Mini on a Single Tank of Fuel

A pair of drivers from Toyota's UK based 'iQ blog' managed to break through 500 miles with a standard iQ 1.0-litre VVT-i (that's the petrol engine version) on a single tank of fuel. Mark and Simon from the 'iQ blog' traveled to 18 cities in two days on a route that took them as far west as Cardiff and as far north as Wolverhampton. In theory, since the official fuel economy of the iQ is rated at 65.7 UK mpg / 54.7 US mpg, the full 32-liter tank should have gone dry once they covered a distance of 462 miles.

However, and in spite of the fact that the two drivers said that they had to deal with wind, rain, congestion and the need to run the heater, headlights and wipers – factors that have a negative impact on fuel economy, the car managed 504.2 miles before the ending of its journey in central Oxford. Put the numbers together and that translates to an average of 71.6 UK mpg or 59.42 US mpg.

Even though the team's driving style was evidently focused on achieving a low fuel consumption, nevertheless, the end result is impressive since we're talking about real-life road conditions.

2010 VW Golf GTI VI Production Model Photos

Volkswagen's public UK site has uploaded a new set of photos depicting the production version of the 2010 VW Golf GTI VI. But wait; didn't the Germans introduce the production model at last year's Paris Show, we hear you ask? The answer is sort of as VW unveiled the near-to-production GTI VI. And the differences are? Well, if our eyes aren't playing games with us, the only visible changes we see by comparing these photos with the ones from last year's show car are the more-production like headlamps and the blacked out front lip spoiler that was painted white on the Paris Show Golf GTI.

For more detailed information and photos on the sixth-generation Golf GTI, click here for the 3-door variant and here for the more practical five-door model.

Via: Worldcarfans , Source: Volkswagen UK