Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan 2011 : Toyota, Nissan and Honda hit with 3 video

Yestrday morning a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and several aftershocks have rocked Japan. The center of the earthquake located 200 km offshore northeast of the archipelago caused a huge tsunami that devastated parts of the coast. This major earthquake that surpassed in intensity that Kobe will affect some Japanese automakers.

Although the situation is not yet clear, it would appear that the north has been more affected than other areas of the archipelago. The mills in this part of the country have all been arrested, this is the case of 4 sites of Toyota or its suppliers have been evacuated. Toyota had also opened a manufacturing plant of urban near Sendai, the area most affected. However, the information in the last few minutes seem to agree that the production will be resumed soon.

Honda has also closed two assembly plants and if one of them was able to reopen, it is not true of the Sayama whose leaders are still difficult to reach. R & D center in Tochigi, a falling wall of the building has unfortunately caused the death of one employee and injured 30 people.

Nissan has 2 factories and 2 other sites north of Tokyo has been forced to close their doors after the earthquake would have caused major damage. There are some out there wounded.

Mitsubishi and Suzuki remain almost untouched.

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