Saturday, March 12, 2011

Denmark will test the electrical bus Byd

About a year ago, the Chinese automaker BYD announced its impending arrival in the West. Today, unable to sell vehicles, he ready for testing. After those hybrids F3 DM Spain and the United States, Denmark will test two electric buses K9.

Denmark would no longer consume a single drop of oil in 2050. It impels the use of "clean" vehicles.

Invest in Denmark is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge, as its name suggests, to attract companies in Denmark. It was she who served as go-between Byd and transportation company Movia.

Movia will first test a bus K9 in China, then in 2012, two vehicles will be tested on its lines.

Byd side, this is the first time one of its buses would leave the Chinese alone. The deal gives him credibility in the bus, where it is present only in recent months.
In addition, regularly, it casts doubt on the actual performance of its own models. The Danish test will dispel those doubts.

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