Thursday, March 10, 2011

BMW i3 (MegaCity) Spotted For the First Time - Spy Photos: New City Car BMW i3

The first spy photos of BMW i3 is a fact. The new small electric city car found at the Bavarian Nordic to make the first winter there testing and during these filmed and the first trailer of the people of BMW.

H BMW expects to sell 30.000 i3 time since 2014 that will come in production and will be the second model of the new brand "i" announced a few days ago. The car is made of carbon and aluminum and a modified motor 112 kW (150 hp) which will be powered by lithium ion batteries 35 kWh. Traffic will be conveyed only to the rear axle with the top speed of 153 km / h and the range will exceed 160 km .

The price in Germany is expected around € 40.000 while in some countries due to reduced VAT of electric models will cost less. BC in France will be cheaper to € 5.000.

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