Monday, March 14, 2011

Audi R8 Hyper Black Edition by Anderson - Cool Car Series Photo Gallery

Anderson Germany, one of the lesser-known European companies tuned, cause attention with his Audi R8.
Tuners have engaged in a flagship V10 engine with 5.2 liters volume, the result is called the Audi R8 Hyper Black Edition.

Tuning range from changes in appearance, and modifications to the technical part. The mechanics of Anderson Germany have changed the settings in the electronic engine management (ECU), added a modified air filter and replaced the entire exhaust system with a new one.

This has reduced the weight of the car by 22 kg. The new exhaust system comes with a remote control, whereby the driver can choose between three different levels of sound from the exhaust. The maximum power the car has increased by 64 horses and reached 589 hp

Regarding the changes in the design of the body, first impresses black lacquer (Hyper Black) the R8. Blacks are the wheels with elements of carbon and 19-inch size. Braking mechanisms are orange, orange thin ring passes through the rim. Carbon fiber are the window frames, front spoiler type lip, rear spoiler and diffuser.

The interior is visible orange and black Alcantara leather.

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