Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tata Nano Pixel Concept Geneva Motor Show Live Pictures

Under the spotlight of the Geneva Motor Show 2011, the Indian marks Tata unveiled a new ultra-compact model for Europe.

Tata Pixel concept is built on a Nano. Has a length of just over three meters, but according to the manufacturers in the gym to Pixel has space for four adults.

The design of the car is set up design studio of Tata in India, characterized by opening up doors and large glass ceiling that can be opened.

The vehicle features a more modern design of the Nano, but continues its tradition of small maximum dimensions and maximum spacious lounge. The interior is an integrated system "My Tata Connect", which enables connectivity with a smartphone or iPad.

Tata Pixel system is equipped with a steering wheel that provides the Indian mini vehicle turning radius of only 2.6 meters.

The engine of Pixel integrated in the rear. It is a three-cylinder turbo diesel with 1.2 liters volume and drives the rear wheels. Be equipped with stop-start system and requires an average of about three liters per 100 km. Emissions are within 89 g / km.

Tata Pixel will be produced in series. The concept presents a future model that will appear in Europe in 2012.

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