Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saab adopting Android for their cars to the platform IQon Geneva 2011

Not all the news announced at the Geneva Motor Show have four wheels and a steering wheel. Some, in fact, not even part of the exhibition. If the system is the Saab Iqon an Android-based multimedia platform that is already being tested. SYNC will compete with Ford or General Motors OnStar renewed, but with an interesting twist itself: Saab will of automotive sensors to application developers. In this way, it will be possible to create utilities that work with "over 500 signs," including "the vehicle speed, location and direction of travel, the workload of the driver, speed, steering angle, engine speed and torque, indoor and outdoor temperature, atmospheric pressure and position of the sun. "

All these applications (which of course will be reviewed by Saab to establish their safety) will be available through an online store accessible via the data connection. Since access to the Net like a modern mobile phone, Iqon also offer music and video streaming, in case you do not want your data stored locally.

For now Iqon has no release date, although the concept PhoeniX equipped with a demo version. After the jump, you can find a video with an illustrative description of the system.

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