Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mia Electrical cubic and rustic but emblematic - Geneva 2011 Live Photos

This electric city offers enough performance for everyday urban use without polluting. But it suffers from a low-end plastic finish.

As expected, the stand of electric mia Geneva show to discover the three versions of electric city mia occurred on the site Heuliez in Deux-Sevres. There is first the basic model, a three seater with sliding doors long by 2.87 meters. Then the model L of 3.19 meters, which can pick up a fourth person on board. And finally its declination utility U, a car with a cargo capacity of 1500 liters.

Despite the cubical and rustic, it may take a liking to this smart urban non-polluting, who has 24 horses with its engine and its lithium iron phosphate 8 kWh of battery life from 80 to 90 km and a top speed of 110 km / h. At the outset, one is seduced by the push button-shaped flower that is used to open the doors.

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