Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mazda crying in workshops in North America 35 000 sedan Mazda6 because spiders.

They also like to be accommodated in the fuel systems of cars Franspres agency reported. Once in the car shouted, spiders entangling nets in the ventilation pipes of the tank, which can "leak fuel and ignition of the car."

For the first time this problem was discovered in 2009. Since then known 19 similar cases where spiders settled in the fuel system of the car and caused problems.

According to research sedan was attacked by only one type of spiders living in certain areas in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Therefore the action affects only the Mazda 6 sold in those areas.

Representatives of the Mazda can not explain why these spiders choose to accommodate precisely this model only in the company.

In the workshops will try to install elements impeding the penetration of spiders in the fuel system and chasing them out of the car.

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