Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lamborghini shows off his new super-bull The Aventador LP 700-4 Live Geneva 2011

The new flagship Lamborghini once again borne the name of a bull: Aventador was a black specimen, which in October 1993 took in the arena of Saragossa in combat and was awarded for his brave conduct. As "extreme dynamic sculpture" called his Lamborghini Aventador on four wheels. Particularly striking is the low height of only 1.14 meters and the enormous width of 2.26 meters, including mirrors. Overall, the car is 4.78 meters long, or 17 centimeters longer than its predecessor. The very flat front of the Aventador is swept clear, the Bi-Xenon headlights with daytime running lights and turn signals are combined to six square units. The rear is dominated by two black outlined air intakes.

Completely new is the carbon fiber monocoque. The complete passenger cell includes roof is integrated into a component which takes only 148 kilograms. Overall, the car weighs 1575 kilograms. The design were the limited edition Reventon, and the study Sesto Elemento Godfather. When Aventador all aerodynamic elements are integrated into the body shape. A crucial role played by the smooth and detail optimized underbody. The rear spoiler is movable and is controlled electronically: At rest, he fits flush into the rear of the vehicle, otherwise it has two positions. The angle of attack of four degrees is considered high speed, while the tilt angle makes for eleven degrees even at medium speed for more downforce. The car decides to drive dynamic parameters themselves on the tilt angle.

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