Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gumpert Tornante appeared in Geneva 2011 Live Photos

Gumpert Tornante
The official premiere of the long awaited and commented second model of the Deutsche mark Gumpert held today in Geneva.

The new two-Athlete of Gumpert is marked Tornante  and was created by the Italians of the Touring Superleggera, which are responsible for the design of the vehicle.

Tornante is characterized by more comfort, more practicality, ergonomics and sophistication in comparison with extreme Apollo, which is on the market since 2005.

Tornante is 100 mm. higher than the Apollo and 15 mm. longer. This clearly justifies the stated above, but also makes Tornante about 100 kilograms heavier than Apollo.

The engine is the same, using Apollo. It is based on 4.2-liter V8 of the Audi, weighs only 196 kilograms, and is tuned to 700 hp Positioned in the middle of the chassis behind the seats and drives the rear wheels through a sequential TT40e transmission. It has six offers manual mode (via paddles behind voluntary) and gear shift requires only 40 milliseconds.

Gumpert Tornante bodywork is made of carbon, and the construction itself is a tube made of chrome-molybdenum steel.

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