Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Geneva 2011: Sbarro's Evoluzione Shows Lamborghini How It's Done

Swiss automobile builder Sbarro, in league with the Espera Sbarro design school, has brought a very interesting concept to the Geneva Motor Show this year: the Evoluzione. The prototype seen here is an eye-popping mix of various themes: it takes Lamborghini's recent efforts at making drivable razors, puts in a spoonful of motorcycle, and then adds McLaren F1-style seating.

Sbarro's Evoluzione took thirteen weeks to complete with twenty-five students working in teams on both the engineering and design sides of the project. Pierre Guenebaut, a teacher at the design school, explains, "Being present at the Geneva Motor Show is a reward for them. They will have the opportunity to explain their project to the public while investing in relationships and communication."

The delightfully naked rear end houses a 180 horsepower 1.8T sourced from Audi. In front of the engine are three staggered Recaros with the driver front and center, flanked by two "wingman" passenger seats.

Rolling on what appear to be 20-inch OZ's, this funky three-seater makes Lamborghini's Aventador look downright boring.

By Phil Alex


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