Friday, February 18, 2011

Abarth 500C Anniversario Romeo Ferraris, 203ch under the top down

Romeo Ferraris appeared on the scene for some time tuning it and must admit that the Fiat 500 is for them a favorite muse. After 500C Sardinia, after the Abarth 500 Monza, here's Abarth 500C Anniversario revised and updated for 52 years in the house.

Romeo Ferraris is a brand that specializes in the preparation for motor racing and now in the planning of car "civil". As they prepare Superstars Series Mercedes C63 AMG, they also run a 500 to 360hp, have already prepared a 670-hp Corvette Z06, but it's still on the small Fiat group they set their minds to celebrate their 52 years.
The Abarth Anniversario 500C receives an engine upgrade (ECU, turbo, air filter) that allows him to claim now 203 hp (instead of 140). To contain this extra power, the brakes are redesigned with a beefier Brembo kit, suspensions are strengthened while a limited slip differential comes to discipline the flood of horses on the front wheels. Speaking of which, the rims are 17 "specific

Outwardly, you do not need me to describe to you the proposed two-tone color, just know that the inside is like all the 500 matched to the outside. The leather stitching to complete all proposed anniversary by Romeo Ferraris.

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