Sunday, February 27, 2011

VIDEO: This is how Muammar Gaddafi Rolls

When Muammar al-Gaddafi isn't taking "care" of his people [...], the Libyan dictator garners the media attention for his excessive behaviors. Take for instance the way Gaddafi chose to cruise the streets of Rome when he visited Italy last year: a motorcade of no less than 36 cars was necessary for the overly eccentric leader. And that's not even close to extreme by Gaddafi's standards.

During a visit to South Africa in 2002, the colonel reportedly rolled out in a motorcade of 60 armored vehicles and two 46-seater buses, all packed with 400 bodyguards. Wherever the convoy traveled, local mobile networks broke down, thanks to a jamming device which disrupted all electronic and radio signals in the surrounding areas.

That's because Gaddafi doesn't spare any expense when it comes to his own security. He is best known for his 40 extremely loyal (and virgin) female guards that follow him everywhere. And it seems he is still recruiting, since when he was in Rome, he reportedly converted three Italian women to Islam.

There is much more to say about Gaddafi, like the concept car he reportedly helped design, called the Libyan Rocket. Revealed in 2009, the $2.5 million prototype was powered by a 230 horsepower V6 and was set to be produced in Tripoli for the benefit of the masses, since it was described as the “safest car produced anywhere”. It didn't get into mass production, but at the time, the embattled Libyan ruler explained he created the car for the safety of his people, because too many of them died on the roads. Sadly, death reports in Libya these days have nothing to do with car accidents...

By Dan Mihalascu

Sources: BBC & Independent


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