Monday, February 28, 2011

Xenatec shows the Maybach coupe in Geneva 2011

The coupe goes by the name Cruserio "and was specifically configured according to the wishes of a customer and built. The finish of each piece consists of a hand-applied multi-layered matte varnish, which has a brass-colored sheen. The paintwork of the car is supplemented by a "delicate silver"on the sidewall of the vehicle.

The passengers sit on hand-sewn leather in buffalo undyed medium brown in combination with dark leather in espresso brown. The footwell of the car is fully lined with Alcantara, which was held in a raspberry hue. This note also refers to the use of leather trimming the seats. The held in leather headlining is dominated by a panoramic roof. For the price of the vehicle is silent Xenatec, because every copy is designed to the customer. Also armor are possible. After all, there are key figures: those who planned for one of the more than 100 copies of the coupe interested should count with at least 803 250 €. The basic vehicle Maybach 57 S offers from 465 290 €.

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