Monday, February 28, 2011

Geneva Preshow: New Koenigsegg Agera R gets 1,115 HP and...a Roof Box

Koenigsegg, the Swedish maker of exotic sports cars will bring its newest creation, the Agera R hypercar, along with the final production version of the Agera to this week's Geneva Salon. Building on the design of the 15-year-old CC, the Agera looks unmistakably "Koenigsegg".

The paint scheme of the car that will be displayed in Geneva is inspired by the legendary Speed Racer theme, as specified by the owner of the car. But as impressive as it might be, the design pales in comparison with the technology present beneath the car's carbon fiber skin.

The monocoque chassis weighs only 70 kg and the dry weight of the car is 1,330 kg, which makes it the lightest fully homologated hypercar in production, according to Koenigsegg. That's all the more remarkable given the fact that the 5.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine is capable of 1,115 horsepower and 1,200 Nm when running on E85 ethanol biofuel (940 hp and 1,100 Nm on regular 95 octane gasoline).

The in-house developed engine tips the scales at 197 kg, complete with flywheel, clutch, dry sump system and Inconel exhaust manifold with turbo.

The Agera is relatively fuel-efficient for a hypercar, with average fuel consumption rated at 14.7 liters/100 km, or 16 mpg US. The engine is mated to a newly developed seven-speed gearbox, which for the first time combines a dual clutch system with a single input shaft gearbox, the result being extremely fast gear changes. Another feature is the new E-Diff that Koenigsegg says it makes the Agera more safe when driving on the limit and offers an improved performance and feel.

Theoretical top speed of the Agera R is 440 km/h (273 mph), but all Agera models are limited to 375 km/h (233 mph). However, for short periods of time, Koenigsegg can unlock the limitation if all necessary conditions are met.

The interior of the Agera has a minimalistic feel to it, but that applies only to the look, not the features. Aluminium, carbon fiber, alcantara and aniline leather combine to offer an exclusive atmosphere, while the infotainment system provides the driver with audio functions, satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and even car telemetrical data.

The Agera's boot has a volume of over 120 liters, but if that's not enough, Koenigsegg offers a winter package which includes among others a carbon fiber roof box made by Thule. It can be used safely at speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph). Koenigsegg has not yet released the price of the Agera R.

By Dan Mihalascu


Koenigsegg developed, aluminium/carbon fibre, dry sump, 32 valve, Twin Turbo, V8 engine

Torque: 1,100 – 1,200Nm - depending on version and fuel

Displ: 5,035 L. Bore: 90.7mm. Stroke: 95.25 mm. Compression ratio: 9.0:1. Max rpm: 7250

Power: 940-1,115hp - depending on version and fuel

7-speed, dual clutch, single input shaft, AMT Transmission with E-diff.

Frontal Area: 1.873 m2

CD 0.30(no rear wing) - 0.33 (fixed normal Agera rear wing) - 0.33 to 0.37(adaptable wing)

Luggage space: 120 litres

Dry weight: 1,330 kg

Curb weight 1,418 kg (all fluids plus 50% fuel)

Maximum laden weight: 1,600 kg(full tank, two passengers, full luggage)

Length: 4,296 mm. Width: 1,998 mm. Wheelbase: 2,662 mm. Front Track: 1,700 mm. Rear Track: 1,650 mm. Front overhang: 885mm Rear overhang: 752mm Height: 1,120 mm


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