Monday, March 7, 2011

Video-art: The 4x4 system FF Ferrari

Awesome. That's the adjective I can give clear that the new transmission released by the Ferrari FF. The AWD system, explained in a video after the jump, it lacks an axis of re-shipment to the front, although the gearbox is placed in position on the rear transaxle.

If you are wondering how the thing is tricky. The power for the front axle is taken directly from the crankshaft through a separate reduction gear, and a hydraulic pump that drives the mechanism tightens differential intelligent distribution. In this way the front wheels receive torque when required, coupling and uncoupling with the situation.

The idea is ingenious, but does not play well in the transfer of torque (at least in theory) as a provision full relay as the Nissan GT-R. In return, it is much lighter.

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