Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Updated 2012 model Nissan 370 Z GT Edition for Europe

On the Nissan stand in Geneva nearly all attention focused on the new electric Esflow.
So almost went unnoticed premiere of the revised European version of the 370Z Coupe. For model year from Nissan showing a number of changes at 370 Z, including improvements in the transmission, suspension and equipment as well as the emergence of a new version of equipment called GT Edition. Model of the 2011 370Z Coupe for Europe with a new set of shock absorbers that provide a better balance between comfort and driving behavior of the car at high speed. From Nissan say that the change was made possible by the higher maximum speed allowed in most European countries. Model 2012 370 Z is a new, better insulation of the underbody, which reduces the noise coming from the road. In automatic transmission with seven degrees already and mode "Snow" in which the vehicle goes straight to second gear and the computer controls the engine speed so as to prevent the wheels slipping on snow or ice. As equipment has emerged a new rear camera for parking, which is part of satellite navigation Nissan Premium Connect. In the standard equipment now enter and control the pressure in the tires. Can choose between three new body colors - metallic black, pearl white and black rose ", the latter option is only available to equipment GT Edition. 2011 Model of Nissan 370 Z is a new RAYS forged wheels in size 19-inch, which are in black.

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