Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spy Photos of New Generation Ford Kuga / Escape 2013

It is also no coincidence that while Ford shows Vertrek at the Geneva Motor Show in anticipation of the new Kuga (after passing through Detroit), the real car was struck during his trial in the United States. We do not know if it will change its name or on the contrary still be called Escape in America, but it may take the unification Ford Kuga technique to adopt a global name.

As these images hint at, height and wheel aside, the production version of the Vertrek retain the basic proportions of the concept. Given the effectiveness of camouflage, go into more detail would be presumptuous, so we will just wait for the emergence of new images. Its strip-tease is not immediately anyway, the new Ford crossover will not be released in America until the end of 2012, and even take a little longer to reach Europe.

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