Monday, March 7, 2011

The roadster version of the Alfa Romeo 4C will be the Abarth

Undoubtedly the model stole the impression at this year's Geneva was the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept which will go into production by 2012. The Autonews but says that Fiat will not stay in only one issue and so is already in the pipeline and the Abarth version. What can this mean that the roadster version of the 4C simatakia will change and will be sold under the brand names of Abarth (so maybe verify these rumors).

To remind you that the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept is a two-seater sport coupe with four-cylinder TBi 1750 MultiAir turbo engine is mounted in the center and the movement is transmitted to the rear axle through the automatic double-clutch gearbox TCT. It is made from carbon and aluminum, weighing 850 pounds and delivers 200 horses. The 0-100 km / h makes less than 5 seconds. Its length is 4 meters and a wheelbase of 2.4 meters touches. It has a ratio of 4 pounds per horse and wears a sophisticated suspension with MacPherson struts in front and rear weight ratio is 40% front and 60% back.

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