Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Head Banger Videos of the Day: Dan Picks up McLaren F1 with his Wife

It would probably take more words than you’d be willing to read if we were to write down all the memorable quotes heard in the first two videos of Dan Kennedy and his wife picking up and then driving their McLaren F1, but here’s a taster:

“Honey, what happened to the steering wheel?”; “Where does the luggage go?”; “Ms. Kennedy: What are you trying to do me? Mr. Kennedy: Do you like that? Ms. Kennedy: I like it, it was really fun! Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh!”

The story has it that the first videos were shot in 2001 (but uploaded on the net much later), with Dan selling the McLaren in 2004. It also noted that he had the car repainted from its original silver finish to “a wild candy orange” by the factory in Woking. The third video is from a program that aired on the Discovery Channel called "Million Dollar Motors" and featured Dan’s F1. For more details on the story check out the links after the jump.

Source: Luxury4play via Vwvortex


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