Saturday, March 5, 2011

Geneva 2011: Pictures of Renault Megane CC Floride

Do not dream it's not the return of Florida at Renault! Like the Gordini, it is a luxurious finish and chic, but not in the sporting event of the Megane CC does it lend any way, especially in the case of the diesel version.

And the news is even more tenuous than in the case of finishing Gordini because Florida is a limited edition of Renault Megane CC still present on its stand in Geneva. It is true that Florida exhales a sweet scent of revival and refreshing atmosphere sixties.

Ivory painting Exclusive Florida, mags 17 inch color diamond ... ivory-colored interior is still red with ivory keys, Florida name around the cabin and on the body and essential for a series Limited, numbered plate on the center console.

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