Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chevrolet will Sell Volt in Europe

Chevrolet announced at the Geneva Motor Show that it will sell the Volt in Europe, with prices in Germany starting from €41,950 (US$58,560). It will be similarly priced in other European markets, where it will arrive in November 2011.

The Volt's sister car, the Opel Ampera, will also go on sale this year in Europe, at a slightly higher starting price. Unveiled in final production form at the Geneva Show, the Ampera will cost €42,900 ($59,885), but prices can vary in different countries depending on the standard equipment.
Chevrolet said the Volt would be fully equipped with all the usual safety and convenience features, plus leather seats. As in the US, European buyers will have an 8-year/160,000 km warranty (100,000 miles) on the powertrain and the lithium-ion battery.
"Our price in Europe is based on the U.S. Volt price adjusted for transportation cost, import duties, exchange rates and homologation," said Wayne Brannon, CEO of Chevrolet Europe.
The Volt and the Ampera are basically the same car, both being built at GM’s Detroit Hamtramck plant in Michigan, US. There are only minor differences between the two cars, mainly concerning the front and the rear styling. In battery-only mode, the EVs have a maximum range of 40-80 kilometers (25-49 miles) that can be extended to 600 km (373 miles) when the gasoline engine / generator kicks in to charge the battery.
The 111 kW (150 hp) electric motor delivers 370 Nm of torque (273 lb-ft), accelerating the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in around nine seconds while top speed is 161 km/h (100 mph). The battery can be fully recharged at any household 230-volt power outlet in three to four hours.


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